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Miranda Kerr

“I’ve been renting my home for years, and unlike homeowners who can build their credit with their mortage payments, my rent didn’t count toward anything. I am so happy these payments now contribute to my credit score!”

Miranda Kerr, AB
Chris Roll

“I recently discovered your application and immediately subscribed to your Report My Rent service. As a newcomer to Canada, building my credit score is essentially important to me, especially since I want to gain the trust of banks and landlords.”

Chris Roll, AB
Jennifer Griffen

“Signed up for ReportMyRent, and as a foreigner starting a new life in Canada, this is an unbelievable tool to build credit with my biggest monthly recurring expense. The jump of 124 points in my credit score after the first reported rent was beyond belief.”

Jennifer Griffen, BC

$100,000 has already been approved for our members.

2,000+happy customers with an improved credit score.


Tenants who pay their rent on time every month should receive credit for it, but most do not. Historically, rent has not been included on Credit Reports. We want to change this by elevating rent payments to the same level as consumer loans and credit card payments.


Our reporting tool allows landlords and business owners to report on-time, late and nonpayment to the Credit Bureaus. Landlords and owners who offer Rent Reporting are preferred by responsible tenants who will uphold their lease agreement and want to earn credit for paying rent on-time.

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